Strategic PR for Branding

We are experts in PR aiming for branding in the luxury market. By meticulously researching both existing mass media and ever-more-personalized digital media, we build optimal strategies and efficiently create buzzes.
Going beyond marketing how “functional” or “economical” a product is, we find “stories and histories” behind a brand from the customers’ point of view and intrigue them with the products’ “way of seeing the world” and aspect of “fun”. By providing information that stimulates customers’ affection for the brand, we build a solid fan base for the brand.
Balancing the two efforts of “letting more consumers know the brand” and “remaining firm on the brand image” is extremely difficult. We have known countless episodes of brands that stumbled over disproportionately mass-depending strategies or, in contrast, were forced to withdraw from the market by being too obsessive about their brand images.
We will confidently propose strategies that strike an optimal balance between these two conflicting issues by fully exploiting consumer insights and engaging in close communications with media, based on our professional know-how and network we have been building for years.

CRM Support Consulting

Even if PR activities successfully establish a brand image, all efforts are useless unless consumers buy the products. CRM strategies, including market researches and customer data mining in synergy with advertisements and PR, as well as customer retention (repeater building) and brand loyalty building (creation of fan base), are crucial in building trust and good relationship with customers.
We excel in various CRM-related works, such as collaboration with another brand or media, use of social media, direct marketing, customer event production, creatives, etc.

Media Representative Business

We provide advertisement representative services for different media. Our activities include planning and marketing of Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guidebook, a free magazine introducing luxury brands, Japan-made masterpieces and shops to affluent Chinese and Asian tourists visiting Japan. The magazine targets the influx of these tourist shoppers, renowned for “baku-gai (shopping binge)”, a new term describing their explosive shopping power.

What's new

  • October 05,2018
    [Information : "Japan Luxe Cruise" latest issue]
    Click Here For More Information.

  • July 04,2018
    [Information : "Japan Luxe Cruise" issue Vol.29]
  • February 06,2018
    [Information : "Japan Luxe Cruise" issue Vol.27]
  • February 02,2017
    [Information : "Japan Luxe Cruise" issue Vol.24]
    And the special issue, "New Year 2017 Leather Accessories Special Feature".
    The next issue is published March 25, 2017.
  • September 26,2016
    [Information : "Japan Luxe Cruise" latest issue]
    And the special issue, "Three shings to enjoy in Marunouchi and Nihonbashi".
  • September 28,2015
    [Poster posting at Ginza-station]
    We are posting the poster of “Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guidebook”, 2weeks from September 25th of the issue date. And ask to know further to many people, in the hope back to have, put the guidebook, it with a pocket on the poster.
  • September 25,2015
    [Information : "Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guide" latest issue]
    And the special issue, “A guide to Luxury Watch Shopping in Ginza”.
    Feature is the "Fall and Winter 2015 fashion items".
  • July 10,2015
    [Information : "Tokyo & Osaka Luxury Shopping Guide" latest issue]
    Feature is the "Made in Japan".
  • June 23,2015
    [Information of website renewal]
    iN-BULL Inc.,renewed corparate site.In this renewal,an addition to the redesigned site,such as a service area,we have also published new content.Thank you very mush.